About Us

The New Way to Success

WeExcel is a leader in the field of business focused IT Solutions. Competitive and Innvoative, we offer real and practical business solutions. Our business is based on our knowledge and experience within the Accounting and IT Fields, with staff members specializing either as Chartered Accountants or IT Speciallists

Who We Are

The company was originally formed by Mr. Lawrence A Swartz C.A. a reknown specialist in the Computer Auditing field. He originally identified the following needs amongst his clients:

  • Specialized Management Information
  • Reporting and Automation limited by their current packages
  • The prefered tool of use was Microsoft Excel, even when other tools may have been more beneficial

As a result, WeExcel began developing and automating solutions that were easy for management to use and maintain, as well as quick to develop. WeExcel has thus developed original and easy to use IT Solutions for you, the Client.
We have grown and expanded since then to offer complete business solutions.

Our client base is varied, thus exemplifying our ease in being successful both in the private and public sector, whether we deal with listed companies or small organizations, all clients are given the same attention to detail and professionalism.
We have an edge over the market through our combined specialist skills in both the finanical and IT sectors. We understand our clients business and financial needs and create unique, customized IT solutions for each of our clients.
You will find our interactive training courses very stimulating and "User-Friendly" based. This is due to our business experience exposure in which we anticipate your needs and put them into practice in our course. Thus you become empowered immediately, so that you are able to implement our business systems with immediate effect and total control.

The Industries We Serve

We have a proven track record in designing and implementing business solutions across various business sectors.
We are able to service the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Medical Aids & Administrators
  • Airline Industry
  • Auditing Firms
  • Investment Companies
  • Retail Industry
  • Services Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Travel & Hospitality Industry